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Learn to Listen to Your Body

Improving wellbeing is more than just a fitness decision, it’s a lifestyle commitment. My courses and sessions provide an excellent opportunity to exercise your body and mind, but they’re also places to meet and share with other engaged and open-minded individuals. Check out my offerings of services and programs and join my community today.


Intelligent Yoga

I teach in the Core Strength Vinyasa style which focuses on moving in a fluid and empowered way for optimal strength and flow. The essence of my classes is to move with respect to the biomechanics of your individual body, working from your deep core so you can flow into traditional asana in a creative and empowered way. 

My objective in every class is to create strength and flexibility, improve your back health, enhance your posture and create greater awareness of your body's mobility. 

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Gentle Yoga

Yoga For EVERY Body

As we age we lose our mobility because we stop doing. By rebalancing the body and adding in some stretches and yoga asanas that redress our 21st century living we can remain mobile and pain free for many years. 

These classes can be chair based for those with limited mobility and involve the use of props to increase range of movement and accessibility.

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Cardiovascular Fitness

Yoga HIIT combines the balance and endurance-based strength of yoga with the cardio, muscle-sculpting and whole body transformation that comes with high intensity interval training.

Using intelligent and controlled movements, this type of HIIT is powerful, effective and less injurious than many cardio classes.

All exercises offer modifications so are suitable for all. 

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Dance Fitness

Dance Fun For Over 50s

This is a dance class, with hints of latin, that focuses on movement, balance, range of motion and coordination. It is a fun class with mixed choreography that will bring a smile to your face. Come prepared to laugh and try some dance moves that will take you back in time and keep you up to date with the charts!

This class is suitable for all; there are no high impact moves but plenty of opportunity to raise your heart rate and burn some calories.

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Yin Yang Yoga

Dynamic, deep yoga

Vinyasa yoga combined with yin yoga to create heat, then target the larger muscle groups and connective tissue with deep, therapeutic stretches.

This class will improve mobility, release tension and ease stiffness.

Stretch with Block
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Cobra Pose

Omni Yoga

Focused on Wellness

Class Information: Welcome



£8 per class in advance

All yoga classes are paid termly in advance. For this reason, prices are kept at a reasonable rate, as inevitably you may miss a class.

Paying termly in advance allows for progression each week, protects your place as newcomers are restricted and develops a sense of belonging and community which enhances the class experience.

Two spaces are available for each class on a drop in basis. These are for guests or non regular attendees and can be booked by texting me 24 hrs before class. Your place is not guaranteed.



Yoga HIIT classes are 45 mins in duration and are paid termly in advance.

As with yoga, paying termly in advance requires commitment from you and allows for progression so that real changes can occur in your fitness and health.

Dance Fitness

£5 per class (loyalty card scheme)

Dance fitness classes are drop in and pay on entry. This class runs all year round, except for Christmas week.

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