Winter Workshops

Extended time for your body, mind and spirit

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Mid-winter nurturing of the soul, yin yoga and setting mindful intentions for the year ahead, this session concludes with a restoring yoga nidra.

In January we often feel pressurised to make plans, set new intentions and personal goals yet the winter hibernation period is telling our physical bodies to REST!

This workshop will relieve tension through myofascial release (props to assist), create space in the body and mind, then gently invite some seeds of intentions to take root. 

An afternoon of unashamed calm, chill and nurturing. 


Do you value sleep? Or is it over-rated?

Ah, sleep! Our bodies need it and crave it, but our minds often have other ideas.

This workshop is aimed especially at peri and menopausal women who have a special affinity with sleep - or LACK OF IT!

Learn habits, routines and yoga-inspired practices to improve the quantity and quality of your sleep.

I have an additional sleep training weekend in early March, so there will be lots of new ideas to impart: basic sleep science with a yoga-based reframe of how we see our sleep.

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Omni Yoga

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