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Spring Workshop


Spring Awakening

Spring is about shaking off winter lethargy, moving the body more and beginning to use extra light hours to your body's advantage.

​This workshop will release tension, begin to ignite some warmth and mobility for the body AND fire up the mind for the fresh new growth and plans of Spring.

​Is 2023 the year for your best possible self to emerge and flourish?

Like the Spring winds that spread the seeds from the blossoming flowers so that more growth may occur, the Wood element represents all that is moving, developing and outwardly expanding.

Bursting forth with energy can often go awry without proper care and attention to the trapped or dormant stiffness of winter so has your body shaken off the quiet introspection of winter?

Our workshop will include a stimulating breath sequence and soft vinyasa flow to waken up the mind and body. Using props, we will unfurl those contracted muscles and fascia and explore new shapes.

Afternoon tea will be followed by a ‘planting seeds of intention’ exercise then we move to some deep Yin and a Yoga Nidra. You will leave feeling a fluid softness in your body and an open mind for new possibilities!

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