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Extended time for your body, mind and spirit


Give In To Yin

Press pause and go deeper.

Yin Yoga is a practice which encourages a softening or surrendering of activity and observation of present moment awareness.

Integrating the Chinese Five Elements into our practice and life, we become more balanced and healthier as we are each an embodiment of Earth, Fire, Water, Metal & Wood.

This workshop will include a slow, vinyasa flow class with an emphasis on releasing tension in the upper back and shoulders. Suitable for everyone, this practice will create space and softness in the upper body helping to improve posture.

We will then explore some yin yoga postures to release the lower body—the hips, pelvis, legs and lower spine. These areas are especially rich in connective tissues. If our connective tissue and fascia are not stimulated and stretched, they can become hard and even crystallised, which can lead to stiffness, stagnant energy flow, poor posture and pain.

Yin is excellent for those with joint pain and stiffness or those with long-standing inflexibility or movement restrictions.

The workshop will conclude with a relaxing yoga Nidra to allow you to access deeper levels of rest than you may normally experience.

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Omni Yoga

Find Your Balance

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