£8 per class in advance

All yoga classes are paid termly in advance. For this reason, prices are kept at a reasonable rate, as inevitably you may miss a class.

Paying termly in advance allows for progression each week, protects your place as newcomers are restricted and develops a sense of belonging and community which enhances the class experience.

Two spaces are available for each class on a drop in basis. These are for guests or non regular attendees and can be booked by texting me 24 hrs before class. Your place is not guaranteed.



Yoga HIIT classes are 45 mins in duration and are paid termly in advance.

As with yoga, paying termly in advance requires commitment from you and allows for progression so that real changes can occur in your fitness and health.

Dance Fitness

£5 per class (loyalty card scheme)

Dance fitness classes are drop in and pay on entry. This class runs all year round, except for Christmas week.



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