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About Me

Yoga is the answer. To pretty much everything.

I am a fitness instructor with decades of experience in everything from dance fitness to high impact classes. I am a business director who has worked in the corporate field on and off for 30 years; as an editor, a project manager, an events co-ordinator and a writer . I am a cancer survivor who believes we owe it to ourselves to respect our bodies and spend time ‘undoing’ the ravages of 21st century living.

But mostly I am mad about yoga, mindfulness and using positivity to achieve your goals.

Through all of my life I have turned to movement as a leveller. After completing a Diploma of Yoga through Group –X Training in 2009, I realised there are thousands of different styles and philosophies of yoga.  I went to many classes with a variety of teachers to try and find the style that resonates with me. I found my tribe in Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga and have completed my advanced teacher training (500 hour) with two of Sadie Nardini’s master trainers.

Whilst I respect and honour the traditions and essence of yoga, I have a modern vinyasa flow style and focus on biomechanics, safe anatomical movement and intelligent therapeutic practice. I believe the asanas work deeply on the body’s form to correct postural issues and injuries.

In 2019 I completed a Yin Yoga training with Sarah Lo and furthered my knowledge of anatomy through an immersive three day workshop with Leslie Kaminoff.

I am a qualified Mindfulness Teacher, a Health Coach and a Positive Psychology Practitioner. I am currently enrolled full as a Masters student at UEL studying Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology.

My journey as a Wellness Educator and Coach is only just beginning……

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Yoga is different things to different people. One thing remains the same - yoga is inescapably a discovery of your own body and mind.


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My aim is to offer yoga and mobility classes that suit the health needs and fitness experiences of everyone.
Contact me to find out more about my classes or to enquire whether coaching or mentoring can help you.


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